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Boston Engineering drives the entire product development process, including concept development, risk analysis, engineering, design for manufacturing (DFM), and digital transformation (IIoT, AR, and PLM). Backed by ISO 13485 certification and 20 years of experience, Boston Engineering works closely with medical devices and biomedical research companies.

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If a patient injury report is filed against your company’s medical device, does it have the tools to show it was an isolated event? If not, your organization could face a costly and protracted recall process.

The lack of visibility into medical device field performance has a significant impact beyond patient safety and risk management. This blind spot also prevents medical companies from making user-driven device enhancements and to identify untapped market needs. 

To address this challenge, medical device companies are incorporating secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to gain live product performance monitoring and to improve business operations.

Download the e-book for more information on medical device industry drivers for IIoT applications. The free e-book covers five IIoT areas:

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Smart, Connected Medical Devices Can Deliver Critical Insights from Clinical Usage Trends to Proactive Identification and Response

How IIoT Provides Critical Insights for Medical Device
Post-market Surveillance (PMS)

  1. Address regulatory compliance: Discuss existing requirements and highlight looming mandates for “proactive” PMS

  2. Spotlight blind spots in the current PMS process

  3. Share examples of medical IIoT applications that can:
      o Monitor performance down to the device level
      o Identify and mitigate risk before potential problems escalate

  4. Leverage real-world user insights to prioritize product development enhancements based on quantifiable data

  5. Outline five steps in the path to proactive PMS (IIoT adoption)