V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor

Cost-Effective Solution to Enhance Underwater Mapping, Research, Inspection, and Reconnaissance 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Supports multiple applications
  • Holds a variety of technologies and sensors
  • Rugged
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time data collection configuration
  • Unlimited depth range


  • Deep-water mapping
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Side-scan surveys
  • Reconnaissance

V-Wing Product Line Specifications

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The V-Wing Difference

Design Advantage:
The V-Wing creates a hydrodynamic flow over its unique wing design to produce a depressive force that pulls down many times its own mass (typically a 5:1 lift-to-drag ratio). By eliminating the need for motorized propulsion, V-Wing reduces potential points of failure, product weight, and component costs.

The V-Wing’s self-contained towed body also provides the flexibility to mount a variety of marine technologies for commercial and government applications.

Intuitive Operation:
A moving command ship can receive real-time transmissions from V-Wing via a connected cable. Operators control V-Wing’s set depth based on the length of cable in the water and boat speed. And to simplify operations, Boston Engineering’s software program helps operators determine the appropriate V-Wing depth.

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Product Speed, Lift-to-Drag Comparisons

The V-Wing towed underwater depressor enables users to conduct underwater research, inspection, and reconnaissance quickly and economically. V-Wing’s unique dihedral wing design enables rapid descent to unlimited depths, provides stability for added mission accuracy, and minimizes drag for increased efficiency.

Product Dimensions and Weight

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Our towed underwater bodies have been used in every ocean of the world.”

Roger Race, Towed Product Manager, Boston Engineering

V-Wing in Action

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